Fuji X100 Firmware Update V2.0 (18th October 2013)

Fuji X100 Firmware Update

Wonderful news for you original X100 owners.  Today, Fuji have announced Version 2.0 of the long awaited, eagerly anticipated and much rumoured X100 Firmware.Fuji X100 Focus PeakI’ve been using the updated for a little while on my original X100 and its breathed a whole new lease of life into the camera.

I must admit that I’d negleted the poor thing since the X100S arrived, but the X100 Firmware Update V2.0 gives me practically a new camera to use again.

You can download the Fuji X100 V2 Firmware right now  << Go get it

I’ve been shooting over the last few days with my X100S with the WCL attached, and my original X100 with the new X100 Firmware Update V2.0.

The X100 is now much more responsive, and adding the Focus Peaking facility really brings the camera to life when shooting manually, on the streets, at weddings or indeed in any situation really.

As I mentioned in my post about my trip to Tokyo Fujifilm see our purchase of one of their cameras as the “start” of their relationship with us, not the end.

They should be congratulated for updating the firmware on a camera that has essentially been superseded by the X100S.

I’ve had no issues, errors or ill effects since using the Fuji X100 Firmware Update V2.

Enjoy it!

Main contents of the firmware update:

Improvement of AF Functionality

  • Approximately 20% faster AF speed is offered in various conditions such as bright scenes, dark scenes and changed focus distance compared to the previous firmware version.
  • The focus distance from the lens surface before switching to macro mode is about 30% shorter compared to previous firmware.

Improved Manual Focus

  • The “Focus Peak Highlight” function, which features on the FUJIFILM X100S and X20 cameras, has been added via this firmware update. It assists accurate and sensitive manual focusing by enhancing the outline of your subject in high contrast.
  • To make it easy to see what is in focus, the “Focus Peak Highlight” function displays the area in focus in a shallow depth of field, using open aperture, so that the rest of the photo is blurred out.

Improved General Operation

  • The camera start-up time has been shortened by approximately 0.2 seconds
  • Previously, the focus area was selected while holding the AF button on the back. With the new firmware, pressing the AF button toggles the focus area selection screen, and the area of your choice can then be selected.

Fuji X100 Firmware Update

Fuji X100 Firmware Update Fuji X100 Firmware Update Fuji X100 Firmware Update Fuji X100 Firmware Update Fuji X100 Firmware Update Fuji-X100-Firmware-Update-6 Fuji X100 Firmware Update Fuji X100 Firmware Update Fuji X100 Firmware Update Fuji X100 Firmware Update[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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14 Responses

  1. Fernando Colaço

    Great set of images but my post is about the side by side Fuji /Canon AE-1. We say that Fuji X are small cameras and we forget how the cameras were before of the “monsters” they are now. Yesterday I pick up in my hands my broke Nikon FA and it is so small. Maybe we like the fuji x because they come to the right size again.

  2. Jason

    It’s great that Fuji are pushing these updates – there’s still something about the original X100 that shines and if I didn’t already own the ‘s’ I’d be more than happy to get a second hand X100, especially when they sell for around £500.

  3. Mike Owens

    I love my x100 to the point that I believe it will be my last camera purchase, it’s that good for me. I still have a Canon 20D/30D and 7D but they rarely see the light of day. Sold most of my L glass and my Sigma 150-500mm as carrying round that amount of gear is too much for me these days. Of course the x100 does take a little time to get used to but I come from a film background and it is very similar, visually, to my old Yashica Minster D I owned in the early 70’s.
    Kudos to Fuji for keeping their customers happy with continuing support for older models.

    Some great shots here Kevin !

  4. Derek Anson

    Fujifilm ‘get it’ and will reap the rewards in years to come. I decided to buy the x100 about two weeks ago and the recent update makes my decision even better :).

    My two year old iPad received the latest and greatest software update a few weeks back… Why camera companies should be any different I don’t know. Well done Fujifilm.

  5. chipbutty

    Also some reporting under and over exposure issues. I guess this will become clearer as people get out and shoot over the next weeks. Great update from Fuji. The improvement in manual focus operation is incredible. Focus Peaking is just brilliant. The only other thing I’d like (and countless others) is the ability to turn off auto ISO more easily. Why they haven’t added that to the ISO shortcut option you can assign to the RAW and Fn buttons I don’t know.

  6. echt.jut

    Really, the missing AutoISO-switch bothered me from the first moment. That would have been the topping on the cake. Everything else is just fine. Best camera I owned ever (beside my M8 and D7000). 90 Percent are X100´s topics.

  7. Андрей

    Спасибо Fujifilm. Вчера обновил прошивку на моем Х100. Получил новую камеру. Качество съемки осталось прежним – великолепным, только все стало быстрее, четче, без каприз. Спасибо еще раз.

    Translation is:

    “Thank you Fujifilm. Yesterday updated the firmware on my X100. Got a new camera. Photo quality remains the same – great, but everything was faster, more accurate, without a whim. Thank you once again.”

  8. Rui

    Fuji X100 would be the perfect portable camera if it had less buttons and less gadgets. Anyway it is the camera i choose when going out in the street.
    Can Fuji make a X200 (or whatever) without facilities no one needs, just like a plain Leica M3?

    • chipbutty

      I’m surprised by that comment. Most people I speak to love the X100 precisely because it doesn’t have lots of options and gadgets. Very few buttons but they all serve a purpose. That’s my experience anyway!

  9. Tim Allen

    I sold my X100 6 months ago (FW 1.3) as the AF kept frustrating me and as the S had come out I assumed there would be no more updates to the original X100. Here I am 6 months later having bought another one on eBay and loving the camera with FW2.0 installed. The AF is so accurate now in low light I don’t see me needing to use the focus peaking (which I find a real struggle especially at f2) but it’s nice they added it anyway. Also nice that it focusses much closer without needing macro mode activated.

    I’m happy that Fuji issued the update although I’d rather they actually spent longer in the development stage so that they didn’t release models that need such big updates.

    • Kevin Mullins

      It’s great that its turned back into the camera you want Tim. I’m guessing that advances in their software and algorithms whilst developing the new cameras has resulted in the AF updates….but who knows? It’s great, as you say, that the update has been rolled out though.

  10. Sasa T.

    Hey Kevin,

    I just bought used x100 (tnx to many reviews such as Z.Arias, Strobist, yourself etc.), upgrading firmware helped a lot.
    To make a long story short – I LOVE my new camera :) It’s simply special.



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