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Shooting Weddings with the Fujifilm X-Cameras has revolutionised the way I work.  Straight up.  A lot of you will know that I’m primarily a wedding photographer, and I shoot in what’s known as a wedding photojournalist style.  This means I don’t spend time organising people or contriving shots.  The images are real, absolutely real, moments from the actual wedding.

Now, below is a slideshow of some of my favourite images from recent weddings.  All shot on either the X100, X100S, X-E2 or X-Pro1.

If you get time, please watch it.  Put it full screen and turn the sound up.

Moments at weddings are very important to me.  Far more important that the grip and grin stuff (though I know there is a place for that of course – just not for me).

When I got my first X100 over three years ago, I was smitten.  I loved it.  Though it wasn’t particularly brilliant in low light and focusing was somewhat hit and miss I adored this little box that I could capture memories with.

Then the X-Pro1 came and it really changed the way I work.  There is the physical element of course; they are smaller, they weigh less.  But you know what, this camera had a soul.  Really.  This isn’t fanboi stuff here.  This camera allowed me to take photos that I would never have managed to with a big DSLR.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a DSLR basher.  I still have my Canon 1DX and it has a place for me when shooting fast sports and Whippets but at weddings, I was released from a very heavy bond when the shackles of the DSLR were taken away.

Next week, on the 2nd April at 16:30 BST I’m going to hold a Google Video Hangout.  It’s going to be a chilled chat really about the X-Series of cameras and how I use them at weddings.  Feel free to join me.  I want it to be a multi-person conversation and the more people, the better.

Head over to my Google+ Account at 16:30 BST on Wednesday 2nd April

 I’ve become pretty passionate about these cameras.  There are other CSCs of course, Sony and Olympus both do good jobs too but for me, when I pick up my current wedding gear (X-E2, X-T1 & X100S) I feel empowered, rather than encumbered by the camera.

I’ve been shooting weddings with these cameras progressively for three years.  I can literally blend into the canvas that is the wedding day.  Often guests ask me what relation I am to the Bride and Groom.  They don’t even realise I’m an official photographer a lot of the time.

At pretty much every wedding now there are guests with much bigger (and heavier) cameras than me.  I’ve shot three or four weddings using just a pair of X100S’s and there has been guests there with Canon 5D Mark IIIs and 70-200mm lenses.

Often, other photographers say to me; “Clients expect to see professionals with big proper cameras”.  Well, that’s rubbish if you ask me.  My clients chose me because of my photos, not because of the gear I use.  In fact, the gear I use helps me achieve even better photos.

I’m going to be adding a whole load more content to this site as I migrate my Fujifilm archives from my wedding site but in the meantime please look at the slideshow below.

Feel free to leave any comments and finally, to any wedding photographers out there who are considering the X-Series (or, in fact, any other CSCs) and are waiting for a final justification:

These cameras make me think more like a photographer, make me produce better images (I believe), make me see better, make me slow down and make me a far more considered photographer.  You should try it!

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27 Responses

  1. Pete Burkwood

    I have been following your progress with the Fujis for a while Kevin, as I am myself shooting solely on X cameras for my professional work and have done for the last 18 months. I have to agree they have improved how I approach my photography now.

    Keep up the good work, and I look forward to following your progress here.


  2. Lee Rosenberg

    Kevin, I’m inspired to shed the heavy Canon gear after reading your post. Great pics, and compelling reasons to use less obvious gear. A bit like using light tackle fishing gear…stealthy, light and mobile. And when it comes down to it, what you catch is what’s important at the end of the day. Thinking of using a Fuji X-T1 to start. See how it goes…

  3. Mandy Charlton

    You know I love your work, it makes me cry (in a good way), it makes me feel, and because of you I'm converting to the house of Fuji ;) I was speaking to a fellow professional who said much the same thing, that clients wouldn't take me seriously if I turned up with small cameras but heck, it's not about the camera, i wonder though why we're so obsessed that photographers should have the biggest lenses and the biggest camera bodies, it doesn't make sense to me, your work should be the thing which makes you professional whether you shot it with a 400mm lens or a polaroid, I might have that comment printed on a T-shirt for future use.

  4. JC Crafford

    Hi Kevin, beautiful photos, thanks a lot for sharing, I will definitely be joining your hangout. I am shooting my 13th, 14th and 15 th weddings this weekend with the XT-1 (I had a pre production model) and have hardly touched my SLR’s since I put my hands on the XT-1 on 30 January. I am incredibly impressed with this wonderful cameras. I now shoot with two XT-1’s, and what an absolute pleasure!

  5. Iain Anderson

    Hi Kevin,

    First off – amazing work!

    As a Sony a200 user I’m completely in the ‘not about the gear’ camp. That being said – if I read it right – it kind of IS about the gear. Just not in the way most would think. It’s more of a relationship than a performance thing.

    For all the technical limitations of my a200 I really love the little guy. But he’s gunna be working his butt off this year to make the $ so he can retire. I’m a tad nervous about beginning a new relationship with an X camera – but I think we’re both ready. Fingers crossed.

    • Kevin

      Totally Iain – a camera is just a camera at the end of the day. The X-Series for me work in many ways. For others, it could be DSLRs are the only option or the little Sony too. Whatever works and get’s those images.

      • Iain Anderson

        Hi Kevin,

        Well it’s been quite a while but thought I’d pop back in and report.

        In the lead up to shooting my 3rd wedding (nervous much!?!) I bought a used a700 to use as a primary. Then one day soon after I was travelling on a fairly empty tram & began shooting the passing buildings – it sounded like a bloody cannon was going off. All I could think off was the bridal prep / ceremony and what an elephant in the room I was going to be. It was too much.

        I ended up trading the a700 for two 2nd hand Fuji’s (x100 + xPro1) and shot the entire wedding* with those. Rest assured I had already put those puppies through their paces to help reduce the pucker factor.

        That being said, on the day, the Fuji’s simply got out of the way. I could be in the moment rather than outside it. Phew.

        So,… I’d like to formally thank you. While I find your work extremely inspiring (duh!) it’s the time & effort you’ve put here, mentor us all to ‘get the images’ that has really touched my heart. Again thank you.

        *I’m sure you get dozens of links – but if you have time:

        FWIW – I still have the ‘lil a200 :)

      • Kevin

        The shots look great Iain. Really great. Well done and I’m glad you enjoyed using the Fuji’s to get the images.

  6. damian burcher

    Beautiful slideshow, love the storytelling in your images, Some of the kids portraits are exquisite, really like the photo of the cutting of the cake where you’ve shot up to the knife going through the cake, never seen that before, well done.

  7. JC Crafford

    I am really in awe with your work Kevin, I’ve shot 15 weddings now with the XT-1…and have sold my SLR’s, last week, I just love this cameras and the flexibility it offers me at weddings. Miss the back massages from my wife after a wedding though!

  8. Jessie Langfelder

    Hi Kevin,

    I am new Fuji X system owner. I have the X-T1, 23mm, 35mm, and 56mm. The way this camera renders pictures has caused me to completely fall in love with photography again. I have owned quite a few cameras in the past, but none of them have ever given me the “feeling” like this one has. I just discovered your website through I really like your style of photography, and sure would love to learn some tricks and tip from you. I saw that you had a Google hangout recently, which I missed. Will you have another one soon?


  9. Nigel Bird

    Hi Kevin

    Firstly let me say thank you for creating this fantastic resource, It will be my new go to place for X stuff.

    So here’s a question I have mainly shoot portraits with a fuji x10 for the last year after selling my canon gear, and wanting to limit myself to a smaller camera. I now would like to upgrade to a bigger version to get into documentary weddings type photography. I have done a few in the past and would love now to take it a bit further.

    So if you only had the money to buy either an x100s or an xe2. Which would you buy if you were starting out, in the documentary style .

    It ‘s driving me made I just cannot decide.


    • Kevin

      If I had to choose one. I’d probably go for the X-E2 with the 23mm lens (you’ll need a lens of course)…

      The X100S is my favourite camera of all time – and I’ve shot several weddings with just that. But, if you want to shoot weddings professionally you will need multiple focal lengths etc and so, for that reason, I’d be shooting for the X-E2.

      • Nigel

        Hi Kevin

        Thanks for getting back, do you think either of them or maybe even an xe1 is fast enough to capture the kids running around. I mention the xe1 as its such a good price at the moment. It just worries me a bit that it won’t me able to keep up with kids doing their thing, with what I have read online.


  10. Jeremy Sale

    Amazing shots. Thanks for that.
    Kevin, as a great moment-capturer, do you ever employ use 3-shot burst, just in case?


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